Monday, January 12, 2009

Use amsmath, not eqnarray

Being bothered in LaTeX by my difficulties with eqnarray, I searched a bit and found the recommendation to use amsmath instead, which generally already comes built in. I guess I'll give it a try.

LaTeX sure is a complex ecosystem. I like to imagine having better alternatives, but I haven't yet seen any. Well, someday, I may try to stick to pure web environments for most cases. Do I really care about ensuring sweet ligatures and so on? We read tons of web pages all the time. There've got to be tools for LaTeX-to-MathML (or images), but for actual conference and journal papers, I have a hard time imagining ever switching from LaTeX. Though, really, I'd love to see a conference or journal emphasize HTML publishing over PDF someday. I think it's possible.

Just that knowing HTML well and knowing LaTeX/PDF well seems like a lot of overhead. I'd like to limit the number of things I need expertise in. Maybe someday.

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