Monday, January 26, 2009

Has Git actually won?

I think one of the things hampering the world moving on from svn has been the lack of a clear successor. Both hg and git (and bzr earlier on) were getting a lot of attention which means that neither was an obvious choice. But git has been getting the air time recently. I've toyed with both and have to admit a preference to git myself, too.

The git port to windows (msysGit) has also been good.

I guess if we ever see Google Code hosting adding git support, that would be a real sign. Curious to see. (For a few objective and also some personal reasons, I'd rather use Google than GitHub, but not everyone will have the same concerns I do.)

In any case, I also find using git for local history tracking to be a nice choice. Not quite so automatic as Eclipse local history, but it allows more definite control and beats some other options.

Does anyone else have an opinion? Has git beat hg for mindshare as the successor to svn?

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