Thursday, November 29, 2012

Intelligence as a wave

On the side, I've been pondering self-modifying code as it relates to artificial general intelligence from a self-programming perspective. I think, in the extreme, an agent could (attempt to) change any aspect of its world, including its own software. To a great extent, humans are malleable, too, with cells dying and regenerating and with neural connectivity changing over time. I believe in spirit, too, but I don't know how everything works.

Anyway, I've wondered what it means for a running process (on a computer) to have access to change all its own software. If the code changes, and if all other aspects of memory change, during run time, what is constant?

I've started to think of it like waves. In a wave, the matter doesn't move, even though the wave (the energy) does. In a running process that can everything about its own memory and code, the software itself isn't the true process. The software is like the matter than the process lives in, and the process itself is some sort of wave in that medium.

Those are all my thoughts for now. Nothing formal. Just wanted to get them down in case I forget about it later.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Prezi's UI changes

I've never really used Prezi myself, but my son has for school. I just got a notice that they've changed their UI. That link probably won't last forever.

Summary is that they are changing from an organic look with things spread out in somewhat hand-designed fashion into a more common style with everything across the top (and looking a lot like recent Google UIs, too).

I think there are pros and cons despite their simple claim that "Our new interface is simpler, cleaner and better." There were reasons for the old UI, I think. They weren't just drunk. However, it is yet another example of an oddball interface made to conform to common expectations.

Long ago, I worked on a WYSIWYG HTML editor that went through the same kind of evolution.

What's common often is what's easier, especially when you want to grow to new users.