Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Defeating Gnome Evolution

Once upon a time, I apparently imported my Google Calendar info into Evolution, thinking the integration would be a good idea. It drives me crazy. The web interface is good enough.

Sad thing is, Evolution wouldn't let me delete the calendar. I searched for solutions, and nothing worked.

What did work was this (and maybe some of this is overkill, so don't sue me if you lose something you want):
  1. Kill all evolution processes. I needed sudo for the calendar one, and that's probably the one that really mattered.
  2. Kill the goa (Gnome Online Accounts) process.
  3. Watch out, because evolution processes like to start back up on their own.
  4. Delete .config/evolution (although maybe just the related sources files would have worked).
  5. Delete .config/goa-1.0 (and again, maybe could have been more selective).
  6. Delete .cache/evolution (and again, maybe could have been more selective).
After all that, if I logged out and back in or otherwise let Evolution restart, it no longer tried to access my Google data.

Anyway, it felt like virus hunting I've done in the past on friends' computers. Things just kept coming back. Is any "robust" software like a virus? At least to me in this case, Evolution was serious malware.

Again, this isn't a scientific report. Just vague notes on what I did. Don't blame me for anything.