Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More research notes for the future

Notes not for today, but maybe tomorrow.

Catch phrase:
Physically rich intelligence and autonomy.

Research topics:
* Domestic robots.
* Learning and control of many sensors and actuators.
* Dynamic environments. Real-time control. Anytime algorithms.
* Life-long learning. Many concepts to relate and scale.

* World simulator. Parameterized, articulation, fluids, particles, sound and light tracing. The higher fidelity, the better.
* Miniature off-the-shelf humanoids (such as the Aldebaran Nao) with many actuators and sensors.
* Build on and in support of low-end computers, though allow scalability.

* Open-source, liberally-licensed, productized-quality software projects.
* Publicly accessible research, both in software (WebGL?) and articles/documentation.
* Support a few grad students and as much academic freedom for them as possible.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Solution density

In the real world, there are so many variables to consider that we'd never get anything done if considered all the options. Do we need to check the headlights of the neighbors cars to know if we should make oatmeal or pancakes for breakfast? Does the arrangement of dust particles on the back porch matter?

We're good at focusing on the important details. Along with our experience, that allows to make quick decisions.

I'm wondering what formulations exist for intractable problems in computer science that relate to solution density in the sparse area of world configurations that actually matters. Seems perhaps more meaningful than trying to measure actual problem size.