Monday, November 24, 2008

Java's Still Great (but where is it?)

To all the Java naysayers: Java isn't dead, unless Mozilla was dead before Firefox. That is, the story's not yet written. I don't know what will happen.

Compared to C++ development, Java is a breeze (except for checked exceptions and no RAII nor operator overloading). Talk about reinventing the wheel 50 times if you want to go C++. And with Java open source, you can even simplify deployment, if you really want.

So, now I'd like to download OpenJDK 7 for my PowerPC Mac Mini running Mac OS 10.4.

Um, I meant, OpenJDK 6. Um, maybe Java 6? Or, well, I guess I'll just stick to Java 5.

Maybe I'm just a beggar and not a helper. But, I'm the sort that would like to do things with Java. I haven't planned the luxury to spend time developing Java itself. And maybe I'm just asking too much? Why ask for support for a computer that's a few years old?

Well, I can download Firefox 3, Flash 10, or Mono 2, and they all seem to work. Looking at all 4 of these players, which one of them is not like the others?

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  1. Or to summarize, OpenJDK 7 should already be out, and it should be available for easy download for all major platforms. Otherwise, it's not sufficiently competitive.