Friday, April 9, 2010

Reason to boycott (and litigate against) Apple?

This whole iPhone section 3.3.1 thing is nasty. Sure, UIs are notoriously bad when ported, despite some examples to the contrary, but let an approver or the user base sort that out. Further, some base features (not always written in C!) are helpful across platforms even if the UI is tricked out for each.

Apple's a worse monopoly than Microsoft. I can't think enough how much I don't ever want to give Apple any money ever again.

Sadly, my convictions wane with time, but I'm not in the habit of giving Apple money anyway. One Mac Mini and one iPod a few years ago. A bit of iTunes. But I think it's time for me to write them off.

The only reason to have a Mac is to make sure apps and web pages do work there.

I wouldn't be surprised if Apple's in a long-term strategy to eliminate traditional Macs entirely. They'll have revenue reasons enough with some time as well as migration strategies for developers currently banking on Mac. Then, it's just App Store land ...

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  1. not likely to give solace, but maybe at least some insight.