Friday, July 24, 2009

Spore Galactic Adventures for Machinima?

My kids earned money to buy Spore after enjoying the free Creature Creator trial. I had though, "Wow, this could be great for machinima (making movies)!", but it wasn't really all there enough. And then my kids earned enough to buy Spore Galactic Adventures. After trying that out, I was really excited about the possibilities. But it's still not all there.

Here's an example of something I could do:

Talk about low res.

And they don't have recording of dialog. And it stops recording automatically every couple of minutes or so and some features of interaction are lacking and ...

You can't play the games themselves unless you own Spore Galactic Adventures either. So all I can really export is just the movies, which are lacking.

Could someone please make a serious, general-purpose, high-quality video machinima engine, please? I'm interested in it myself, and I might take my research directions into that someday (as well as robotics and AI which I focus on more at this point). Cause I can say that Spore GA is way higher level and easier to work with than Blender (even the Blender Game Engine). I personally don't mind lower quality for easier work. I'm not a full studio.

Spore GA might still be good for storyboarding, though, even if it's still lacking for movie production.

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