Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Web Client Platform

With Firefox (and presumably others) getting fancy scene graphs with video on all three platforms out today (in beta form), and with JavaScript JIT support coming in the near future to multiple browsers, where does that leave client-side Java?

If someone makes serious (and open source) dev tools for JavaScript, I'd probably move on. JS has flaws, but so does Java.

There are nicer languages out there than either one, but I always feel drawn back to the main language for the platform. But that's also part of why I'd rather see good JS tools than use GWT. I just haven't seen them yet. Still, JS is the metal in browsers.

I'd also be curious to see a server-side JS framework get traction. Hasn't happened yet despite many attempts. Nothing is yet (and perhaps never will be) "the metal" on the server.

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