Thursday, November 1, 2012

Prezi's UI changes

I've never really used Prezi myself, but my son has for school. I just got a notice that they've changed their UI. That link probably won't last forever.

Summary is that they are changing from an organic look with things spread out in somewhat hand-designed fashion into a more common style with everything across the top (and looking a lot like recent Google UIs, too).

I think there are pros and cons despite their simple claim that "Our new interface is simpler, cleaner and better." There were reasons for the old UI, I think. They weren't just drunk. However, it is yet another example of an oddball interface made to conform to common expectations.

Long ago, I worked on a WYSIWYG HTML editor that went through the same kind of evolution.

What's common often is what's easier, especially when you want to grow to new users.

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