Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Piano keyboard & musical staff figure

For three semesters, I've taught a course on programming in C. I like to give a particular application domain for the final exam and let them solve multiple problems in that context. This past semester (and my last for the foreseeable future), I chose sheet music.

Knowing that many people aren't familiar with sheet music but that some are, I gave a quick crash course in the exam itself. Seems crazy, but I simplified things, and I ran it past multiple folks with little to no music experience. Overall, it worked out. However, for my quick summary, I wanted a figure of a piano keyboard in context with a musical staff. I had trouble finding anything else out there that met my needs.

So I made something:

I also have a pure SVG version of that, but Blogger doesn't let me attach SVGs. How modern of them. Maybe I should go to WordPress sometime.

Anyway, I hope some folks find this figure useful. Let me know if you want the SVG. The figure is public domain, so far as I'm concerned.

Credits: LilyPond, Frescobaldi, LibreOffice, and Inkscape.

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