Monday, November 8, 2010

Trying to exit Java

Just before the Oracle vs. Google lawsuit, I started a Java project for my PhD research. It was my first Java project in a while. I do more C++, MATLAB, and Python these days. I chose Java because I know it well and it simplifies cross-platform for me. I considered JavaScript, but this project included (2D) physics. I wasn't convinced by the JavaScript physics engines out there compared to the state of JBox2D.

Well, I'm one of the folks that has been convinced that Java isn't really open source nor independently implementable. If you get in the way of Oracle revenue, they will sue you. That's not open. Sorry.

So, where do I go?

I have a language idea of my own with primary output targets being JS (for client) and C++ (for speedy batch programming or native apps), but I don't really have the time to implement that. I could use haXe. It's the most credible JS/C++ targeting language out there, in my experience, but I'm not convinced I want to go that route either.

My current plan is to improve my C++ skills. Really. Anti-C++ rhetoric is strong in the Java community, but I'm being convinced that it can be used for good instead of evil. I also plan to stay in touch with JS land. And maybe someday I'll make or use a language that targets both (such as haXe).

I just wished I'd used C++ for that 2D physics project.

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