Friday, September 18, 2009

Taming C++

For certain reasons, I've been coding C++ recently. While I'd learned C++ before, this is the most consistently I've dug at it for a while.

Thing is, I don't like the std (STL) way of looking at things. I'm glad that C++ has a more standard library, and Boost tries to fit the same mold, but there's still a large diversity of style vs. the comparative uniformity in Java land or some other languages.

So, I'm going to the pain of adapting C++ to my style, wrapping various external libraries. (Trying to keep dependencies to a minimum, though.) Sort of a domain-specific view of the world, as is so common for C and C++ coding.

End result is that I've figured out how to make non-nullable opaque handle types with optional auto-disposal (simplified beyond auto_ptr) and whatnot. Some simple templates, too, but nothing crazy. Made a type similar to Scala's Option to get nullable when I want it.

I also have the build incrementally making sublibraries to enforce dependency ordering.

And Eclipse CDT is autocompleting and so on across most of the system quite nicely. Debugger's not working in Eclispe, though.

The end result isn't perfect, but it's really not that painful at the moment. Lots of tasks not solved yet, though, like IO, character set conversion, networking, etc.

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