Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Learning New without Losing Old

I have lots of opinions on how to do certain things (programming, robot AI, ...). In order to really ingest and learn new ideas, I often have to let go of my preconceptions, at least temporarily. If I dive deep into new ideas, they can wash out my prior perspective. And some of that perspective probably has some good value.

So sometimes I try to correlate ideas. What's the big picture? How does what I know relate to what I'm learning? If I can figure out where they fit both fit on the big map, I can learn better and retain what's best from before.

It's just easier to either (1) hang on to old ideas without allowing new ones in or (2) just give up and focus on the new. It takes effort to assemble grand unification theories on the fly.


  1. Sometimes, maybe, we've learned more and deeper, and suddenly find the new and the old have some connections between them.

  2. Good point. I guess I'm afraid sometimes of losing too much perspective to allow the integration. But I think you are right that fitting the parts into a whole is a good goal.