Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kindle DX for Textbooks?

So, I skimmed about Amazon's new Kindle DX. Larger than before. Supposedly good for textbooks and newspapers. Still gray scale.

I don't get it. Maybe a novel is fine in gray, but some things need color for full effect. Like picture books. Or textbooks.

Really. It's WAY easier to convey detailed information in color, and effective textbooks use that to their advantage. (My apologies in advance to those who can't see color.) Your product won't be effective for textbooks without color. That's my opinion.

Second, many students already carry laptops, often clunky ones. The Kindle might be sleeker, but expecting two devices (laptop and Kindle) seems a bother to me.

I just don't see this working. Give me a simple PDF or something (DRM'd or whatever). I'll get by. Really.

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