Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sea Spin: My Latest Java 4K Game

Merry Christmas, and here's my latest Java 4K. This is my 3rd year in the contest, I think. And I've gone back to focusing on trying to make a good game. (Last year was an experiment in shrinking Scala, and it didn't fare so well in judging.)

I've done professional enterprise Java development. These days I help teach Java for my pay. I've also been employed on Java applet development long ago. Been around the various sides of it. I get annoyed some by the politics and some by the lack of agreement of some folks with my own preferences of where Java should go. But every year (at least so far) the Java 4K game contest makes me feel good about Java again. For me, it's the coolest thing in Java. Not that it proves superiority. Just has a sweetness all its own.

Maybe I'd get into a similar mini-HTML game if one came along, but it's Java 4K for me for now.

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