Tuesday, February 19, 2008

$20 Bounty For JVM Mixins

I've mentioned that Scala jars are huge, and that's mostly due to mixins. Pack200 doesn't solve the whole problem, either. So, I'll donate $20 to whomever gets mixins into the JVM such that there's no need to forward every single method individually. I'm sure other languages could take advantage of that, too. (An extra $10 points for good handling of prototypes/delegation to arbitrary objects.)

Once upon a time, I offered a $20 for immediate objects (such as representing Integer objects directly in pointers by taking advantage of unused least-significant bits) in the JVM. I'll stand by that still, too.

That's up to $50 for the entreprising individual. Just think of all the pizza you could buy. Oh, and here's the Da Vinci Machine link for getting started. Though, to clarify, I do need the final result in an official Java release before paying.

Thanks much in advance.

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